Workshops in animal communication and healing.

Ateliers de communication avec les animaux et de guérison.

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 Brenda working with students and horses at La Bregère. The student in the background had never been near a horse before, let alone touched and worked with one. Brenda en train de travailler avec les chevaux.


Our animals, our selves

Nos animaux, nous mêmes


How can we communicate with our animals, really communicate with their essence?

What do they know and experience in this life - and perhaps from other lives?

Can they help to heal us? Can we heal them?

Comment pourrait-on communiquer avec l'esprit de nos animaux?

Quelles sont leurs connaissances dans cette vie et peut-être des autres?

Est-ce qu'ils peuvent nous guérir? Est-ce qu'on peut les guérir?

 An exchange of love with the world of animals where we can develop our means of communication


Une échange d'amour avec le monde des animaux où nous pourrons développer nos liens de communication

10-12, 2-5h previously held at Nontron, Brantôme, la Coquille, Corgnac sur l'Isle

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Our horses do like to have your loving attention to them soon and do like to give back to you their fully love.Just some loving thoughts from F & D and our animals.With a special hug from the horses and Barney-doggie who likes your voice.


 Since you did a workshop here and carried out some healing on our animals I have noticed a marked improvement in our horses. R.P.


 you cannot imagine how much it helped me seeing you yesterday, i feel much better and i feel my fears start to loose strenght.....also i wanna give you the good news concerning my dog, Rex (not his real name - B)  is doing great!! yesterday we went to the vet, we had to do some blood test to verify if the cortisone is working or not...and we were all extremely surprised to see that all the parametres are back to normal!! even with the cortisone treatment the vet didnt expect this result! it's like he had never been sick...and i cannot help noticing (once again) that every time you've done some healing on me i've always had great things happening  the same day later after the healing session...coincidence? i dont think so, i really thank u for helping!  G.


Brenda works well in healing animals, soon after I discussed our very sick cat, Sophie showed encouraging signs of improvement and today she is back to her perky self again.  It has been our pleasure to meet Brenda and her knowledge, spirituality, kindness and good humour.  I look forward to working with her again. T.D.