Frequently asked questions


What is distant healing? Does it work?

Distant healing definitely works and is always beneficial. This can be hard for some people to accept but it is only in the physical world that we have time and space as we know them. Without wishing to sound like Dr Spock in 'Star Trek' we are in another dimension here, a parallel world if you like, where we are all linked and there is only the now. Our studies of Quantum physics supports what happens. It is interesting to note that it is only in the West that we think of time as linear i.e. one event after another in an ordered sequence. In the East they have traditionally thought of time as cyclic i.e. you return to the same time and space. Teachings on the Wheel of Life in Tibetan Buddhism, the World card in the Marseilles Tarot, even the story of the rise and fall of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table express this view.


Can I ask for distant healing for someone else without telling them?

Ideally permission should always be sought. This is out of respect for the individual. It also helps them to be open to receive the healing. There may, however, be very rare occasions, when it is not possible to do so. If someone is not ready to receive healing it is a bit like someone putting pennies in a piggy bank, the benefical effects of the healing stay in a sort of healing bank until the individual is ready to open it and receive the benefits.

Could I be a healer?

Anyone can be a healer. When a mother kisses her child's knee 'better' she is 'healing', however it needs time and dedication to develop our skills, and not everyone has the inclination or the resources to do so. We all have to make choices as to how we choose to spend our energy in this lifetime. Healing effectively needs a level of self-understanding and spiritual focus. My experience is that everyone's skills are as different and individual as our thumb prints but that we complement eachother.

What is a healing crisis?

 Sometimes profound changes may take place during a healing session. As the body seeks to realign itself and heal there may be an initial change for the worse in a particular condition as the toxins in the body are eliminated. This may lead to some discomfort for around twenty-four hours but after that the individual may feel a profound change for the better. I usually don't mention healing crises as I found when I mentioned them people had them and when I didn't they didn't! Will I feel the effects of a healing straight away? Well, I've seen some people leap off the couch, others have felt the beneficial effects over the next day or so, whilst for others a slower, more gradual process takes place. It may only be some months later when they can look back and pinpoint that a number of beneficial changes in their lives could have their roots in the healing session they had.

Why don't some people heal and how can they do so?

The effects of our culture are very strong and none of us can deny our culture, because just in denying it we are being influenced by it. If conventional wisdom has it that you have to be operated on for cancer or that you have to have insulin for type 2 diabetes as well as type one it can be very hard to have confidence in other possibilities. Spiritual healing heals but that is not necessarily the same as a cure. Spiritual healing is not an alternative or a complementary therapy. It is complete in itself. This is not to deny that for some people an operation or taking pills will cure. If people have a medical condition they should always consult their doctor. Spiritual healing can work to reinforce the effectiveness of any conventional treatment. It also has to be remembered that there may be a payoff for some people in remaining ill. If someone thinks that the only time anyone does anything for them is when they are ill they are not like to want to recover.

Some people question whether influences from past lives have caused them to suffer in this i.e. karma. It is important to differentiate between karma and conditions. From a Buddhist perspective conditions arise, so if you're going through a bad patch it may just be that, you're going through a bad patch. It seems though that conditions may activate certain karmic consequences, but unless the conditions trigger them certain karma may just fade aware or reappear a lifetime or two later.

Edgar Cayce, the famous medium, pointed out that someone who had tortured and blinded others in a previous life might be born as an eye surgeon in this life. This might generally be considered to be a very favourable rebirth for someone who had previously acted so unskilfully, but this position, of giving sight back to the blind, would enable the person to repay their karmic debt. We should never assume that we are suffering an illness because we have been 'bad', nor that anyone who is handicapped or ill is being punished. Wiser minds than mine have pondered on karma but this, on a cosmic level, makes sense to me.

A healer visited my loved one who was very ill but s/he died shortly afterwards. Why didn't the healing work?

A healing is not necessarily a cure. It is true that the act of healing can bring about medically impossible changes and these have been documented. Many people with terminal illnesses suffer unnecessarily because they want to hang onto life for a loved one or because they are determined to fight this 'thing', when their physical body, like an old coat, is totally worn out and needs to be discarded. When it is our time it is our time. Everything is impermanent. Healing can help bring about a peaceful acceptance and letting go. It can help the loving core within each of us, which nothing can touch, move on to other planes of existence. It can also help those who are grieving to come to terms with their loss.